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Full Groom 
from 25+
Full groom service includes health check, nails and paw pads, ear plucking and cleaning, hygienic trim, bath & dry and Styling.  
Rough price guideline is:
SMALL BREEDS: 25-35 (1 to 1.5 hours)
MEDIUM BREEDS 30 to 60cm 10 to20kg:  35 -45 (2 to 2.5 hours)
LARGE BREED 60cm+ and >30kg: 45- 55 (3 hours+)
GIANT BREEDS 60cm+ and <30kg: 55+ (4 hours+)
Price also depends on condition and behavior. 

Ear Plucking and Cleaning

This includes the hand plucking of the ears to remove excess hair blocking the canal helps with hearing and preventing ear infections. 
Ears are cleaned with a cleaning solution and any excess wax removed. Ears can be flushed in extreme cases to ensure clean. 

Bath or Dry Cut Only
MEDIUM BREEDS : 20 Short Hair/ 25 Long Hair
LARGE BREEDS : 25 Short Hair/ 30 Long Hair
Bath includes only bath shampoo & dry with no matting
Dry Cut is styling only but dogs must be clean and with no matting

Nail Cutting 

Cutting of your dog's nails in a safe, clean environment with the appropriate equipment.
Please contact us directly if there is any special request.